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Client: Ambleside Homes
Project: Creation of company branding and marketing material

Client: Finnies Accountants
Project: Company rebrand and creation of marketing and support material

We wanted our brand to convey how seriously we view our customer service and promise, but above all we needed our website to promote our homes by appealing to as wide a range of customers as possible in a user friendly way

Nicky was a pleasure to work alongside maintaining her patience and determination to complete the task she was never afraid to speak her mind and disagree when appropriate in order to keep us on track. Nicky was very focused, disciplined and worked tirelessly to create our website on time and within budget.

Woodsong delivered in all areas, not only to our high expectation but exceeding it. Nicky has the ability to look at the overall picture then drill down when required to specific areas, from directing the photo shoot, composing compelling copy to the design and feel of each page, in summary Nicky devises and controls the execution of the whole brand experience.

We are delighted with our website and have no hesitation in recommending Woodsong for any branding work no matter how large or small or whatever skill set is required as Nicky has the rare talent to ask, listen and then most importantly deliver.

If you are looking for someone to build you a website or update your current one please contact Nicky I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Peter Mandefield – Ambleside Homes

The project which has benefited hugely from the marketing role created by Woodsong has been the Stone Court Dalton Terrace development in York.

This was a prestigious new build city centre development which had been on the market for 6 months but which had failed to attract any buyers despite successful comparable sales elsewhere.

The ‘product’ was deceptive – four storey traditional exterior façade with a stunning glass, steel and very contemporary rear elevation which influenced the feel of the interior in a completely unique way.

The brief to Woodsong was simple – to create marketing literature which accurately conveyed the ambitions of the original designers and insodoing, to fully demonstrate the incomparable nature of the development.

The results were unambiguous – carefully worded text, amazing photography, stunning artwork, superb choreography and synchronization by Woodsong produced a hugely impressive brochure and a series of coordinated press and glossy magazine adverts.

Within 6 – 8 weeks, property sales, within the development, had reached in excess of £1.7m much to the delight of all involved but in particular much to the relief of the developers themselves.

Edward Knock, R M English Land & Development

The task was to reposition our business and to shake of its out of date image; this has been achieved by communicating effectively through design, copy tone and imagery portraying us in a warm and welcoming manner to convey that we are far from stereo typical accountants, this takes a special talent.

Every aspect of the business has been rebranded and the end result is far more than impressive, the new branding truly communicates what Finnies as a firm is about.

Nicky converted what we anticipated was going to be a painful experience in to an enjoyable few weeks, without all of her help we would still be stuck with an outdated and ineffective image. Now all we do is pick up the phone and she sorts everything.

Both Nick my business partner and I would not hesitate to recommend Nicky and her team, her dedication is unquestionable and she gave us 100% all the time.

Neil Tomlin – Finnies Accountants, Beverley


Women influence 85% of consumer spending

The sticky realisation is that we are not all the same!

There are fundamental differences in how men and women see the world. Understanding these differences and ensuring that the main decision maker on purchases is represented in the design room is key to the success we have brought to the companies and brands we work for, we are female owned.

Thinking brand…

Great brands are about ideas and meanings, not just products and services. Understanding the power of ideas to transform perception and behaviours and creating the entire emotional relationship customers have with a brand is what brand design is about. If you want your brand to matter you have to design the customer experience, it’s not just decoration. Your brand MUST matter to people and design is an effective tool for creating relevant differentiation. Indeed design matters.